Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

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Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, eliminates the "flabby belly" look by removing excess tissue and restoring underlying muscles. Cosmetic Surgery Glendale is a top-ranked provider of both complete and partial abdominoplasty procedures to help patients throughout the Glendale, CA, area achieve the best results based on their specific needs.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

What is Abdominoplasty?

Also called a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is a procedure that is used to remove excess skin, fat and other tissue from the abdominal area, eliminating “flab” and restoring underlying muscle tissue for a firmer, more toned, sleeker appearance.

What causes belly flab?

The abdomen can become loose and “flabby” for many reasons, including significant weight loss, a cycle of repeated weight gains and losses, multiple pregnancies, and the natural effects of aging. That flabby appearance is caused not only by excess fat and skin but also by a weakness and separation in the wall of muscle that supports the belly area. These muscles frequently weaken and separate as a result of “holding in” a large belly, either as a result of pregnancy or significant weight gain. Also, skin becomes less elastic with age, contributing to laxity and sagging. In addition to pregnancy and weight gain, trauma and even prior surgery in the abdominal area can also cause muscles to become damaged and weak.

What happens during an abdominoplasty?

Before surgery, the belly area will be carefully evaluated to determine the best approach to use to achieve an optimal outcome. Two types of tummy tucks are available: a complete abdominoplasty, which uses a larger horizontal incision hidden by the panty line, or a partial or “mini” abdominoplasty which uses a smaller incision to address issues that are located primarily below the bellybutton. During both procedures, the underlying tissue will be remodeled and repositioned for a firmer, sleeker appearance.

How will I feel afterward?

Following the procedure, there will be some discomfort and swelling. Pain medication can be used to control discomfort, and a special compression garment will be worn for several weeks to help minimize swelling and to support the tissues during the initial stages of healing. If a drain is used during surgery, it will be removed in about a week to 10 days. Normal activities can be resumed in about six to eight weeks.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Plastic surgery is often considered “elective surgery” which is not covered by most insurance plans. There are some operations that have a significant functional aspect such as breast reduction because the weight of your breasts causes you pain or interferes with normal activities. In this instance, it may be considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic. Please call our office and we may recommend that your insurance company is contacted before surgery to determine whether coverage is available. For those patients desiring alternative payment methods, most credit cards, cashier's checks and cash are also accepted. We also deal directly with Care Credit for patient financing.

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