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Cosmetic Surgery Glendale is a top-ranked provider of state-of-the-art breast augmentation surgery for women in and around Glendale, CA. The medical team is dedicated to providing a custom approach that helps ensure each woman receive the results she's looking for in order to feel more attractive and more confident.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation includes surgical techniques designed to increase the size of the bustline through the use of saline or silicone implants, or sometimes, fat grafting. The reasons for undergoing breast enlargement surgery are very personal. Some women decide to undergo surgery after losing breast volume following significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding while others may have surgery to “even out” breasts of uneven sizes. Still others have very small natural breasts and want to feel more confident in the way they appear, and some women simply want to achieve their aesthetic ideal.


How is breast augmentation performed?

Breast augmentation can be performed in different ways, depending on the type of implant that is being used, the anatomy of the patient and other factors. Surgery begins with an incision which is usually made around the nipple, in the crease or fold beneath the breast or in the underarm. A pocket is created in the underlying tissue to help hold the implant in place. The implant will be placed into this pocket and secured. Silicone implants are inserted into the pocket “whole,” while saline implants can be inserted “empty” and then filled with saline solution once in place. The implants will be carefully positioned and centered under the nipple before the incisions are closed using small sutures. A compression bandage will be placed over the surgical site to aid in healing.



How will I feel after breast enlargement?

Following breast augmentation surgery, there will be some bruising and discomfort as the tissues adjust to the implants. Soreness and swelling will dissipate within a couple of weeks, and wearing a compression garment during this time will help reduce swelling and promote faster healing. There will be activity restrictions during this time, including avoiding heavy lifting and strenuous activity, to prevent placing strain on the chest muscles and tissues. Final results of the surgery will be visible once the swelling resolves.


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Plastic surgery is often considered “elective surgery” which is not covered by most insurance plans. There are some operations that have a significant functional aspect such as breast reduction because the weight of your breasts causes you pain or interferes with normal activities. In this instance, it may be considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic. Please call our office and we may recommend that your insurance company is contacted before surgery to determine whether coverage is available. For those patients desiring alternative payment methods, most credit cards, cashier's checks and cash are also accepted. We also deal directly with Care Credit for patient financing.

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