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Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, restores the natural, uplifted position of the breasts so women look more youthful. At Cosmetic Surgery Glendale, women from throughout the Glendale, CA, region benefit from state-of-the-art breast lift surgical procedures designed to help them look and feel their best.

Breast Lift Q & A

What is a breast lift?

Also called a mastopexy, a breast lift improves the appearance of sagging, pendulous breasts by removing excess fat and skin and repositioning the breasts in a more natural, uplifted position for a younger-looking profile. Plus, by removing sagging tissue, breasts can look and feel firmer and more toned, and nipples can resume a natural, upright position. Breast lift surgery can be an especially good option for women whose breasts are sagging as a result of older age or following childbirth or breastfeeding.

How is a breast lift procedure performed?

Breast lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia or sedation. During the procedure, an incision will be made encircling the nipple and extending down the bottom of the breast to the crease beneath the breast so the underlying tissues can be accessed. The excess tissue will be removed, and the nipples may be resized and reshaped before being restored to a more uplifted position on the breast. Once the breasts have been repositioned, the incisions will be carefully closed with tiny sutures and surgical adhesives in some cases. Most procedures take about two to three hours to complete.

How can I tell if a breast lift will help me get the results I'm looking for?

Mastopexy can be a very good solution for many women with drooping, pendulous breasts, but it is not always the ideal choice. Scheduling a consultation and evaluation is the best way to determine if a breast lift is an appropriate choice or if another option might be a better solution. Some women will benefit from having a breast augmentation at the same time as breast lift surgery to help restore the breast to a fuller, more natural-looking profile and to replace volume lost as a result of aging or following pregnancy and breastfeeding. A consultation appointment can also help determine if a combined procedure is appropriate to achieve the desired result.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Plastic surgery is often considered “elective surgery” which is not covered by most insurance plans. There are some operations that have a significant functional aspect such as breast reduction because the weight of your breasts causes you pain or interferes with normal activities. In this instance, it may be considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic. Please call our office and we may recommend that your insurance company is contacted before surgery to determine whether coverage is available. For those patients desiring alternative payment methods, most credit cards, cashier's checks and cash are also accepted. We also deal directly with Care Credit for patient financing.

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